Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What is proposed for 7107 Hollywood Boulevard?

The proposed project is a mixed-use development with 410 residential units, 10,000 square feet of community-serving retail and a 9,300 square foot public plaza, with decorative art benches, creative lighting, updated paving materials, café-style seating and inviting landscaping, which will revitalize and energize the northwest corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. The project will consist of three buildings ranging from 6 stories to 26 stories.

Q2How tall are the three buildings?

The La Brea Building is 275 feet in height, the Boulevard Building is 88 feet in height and the Courtyard Building is 65 feet in height.

Q3How much public open space will be provided?

The project provides a variety of open space and recreational amenities. The project will feature an expansive outdoor public plaza at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue with outdoor dining, art benches, public art and assorted gathering spaces of approximately 9,300 square feet.

Private open space and recreational amenities available to project residents and guests would include an outdoor pool, roof decks, a gym, a conference center, media room, a business center, lobby and private balconies.

Q4Traffic is terrible, won’t this project cause congestion?

First, an extensive traffic study is being prepared to analyze project impacts and recommend methods to improve traffic.

Furthermore, from the project site, it is less than a 7-minute walk to the Metro Hollywood/Highland rail station. Our marketing data shows that many of the project residents, visitors and employees would use local transportation to and from the site. Additionally, the project will implement a traffic demand management plan that will promote the use of alternative transportation such as mass-transit, ride and bicycle sharing and walking to reduce automobile trips.

Q5The project site is located directly above the subway, is it safe to build on top of the subway?

Yes. The design team is in communication with MTA authorities. The plans will meet all of the MTA’s requirements to ensure that the project will not endanger the subway or vice versa. Furthermore, it should be noted that the subway runs only under a small portion of the site, in the far north-east corner.

Q6The State has identified the areas within our community where there are faults; how do you know this project is not on a fault line?

Based on the preliminary fault map recently issued by the State of California, the proposed development is not located in a fault zone. Both LeFrak and Kennedy Wilson are committed to careful and extensive analysis of any potential seismic issues. A highly qualified geologist has been retained to assess seismic issues, if any, for the proposed development. Although the Property is outside of the Hollywood fault zone, and therefore no further investigation is required, trenching will be conducted as an additional precaution.

Q7What types of City of approvals are needed?

  • General Plan Amendment from “Medium Residential to “Regional Center” (with corresponding amendment to Community Plan Land Use Map footnotes)
  • Zone Change from R3-1 to C4-2
  • Site Plan Review
  • Vesting Parcel Map
  • Conditional Use Permit for Alcohol
Q8According to Hollywood Heritage, the existing building has been described as a “Modern Masterpiece”—how can it be demolished?

With the Hollywood Heritage description in mind, we turned to other highly regarded sources for historical input. The City recently completed an environmental impact report for the Hollywood Community Plan area, the property again was not selected as a historic resource. Additionally, the property does not meet the required significance criteria based on architecture, design, craftsmanship or association with important historic events or individuals. The property does not meet the criteria to be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, nor the California Register of Historical Resources, or to be designated a City of Los Angles Historic Cultural Monument.

Q9What is the length of construction?

We anticipate construction will begin in 2016. It is estimated that construction would take approximately 24 months.

Q10During construction, will you recycle the materials that are currently on-site?

Yes, we will recycle and reuse concrete, stone, fixtures and plantings that were removed during demolition.

Q11What about parking? Will there be an adequate amount of spaces provided?

Yes. The project will provide parking in excess of City code requirements to ensure no spillover parking impacts occur on surrounding streets and neighborhoods.

Q12What about other environmental impacts?

Construction, utility, and shade shadow impacts will all be analyzed in an Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) prepared for the project. The EIR will be circulated to the public for a 45-day comment period.